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The BEST Fund-raising Opportunity!

The bake sale is toast, the walk-a-thon tired, candles burnt out, and cleaning cars washed up! When it comes to raising cash for schools, teams, and other charities, the hotest new concept is a gift certificate good for things people normally buy! GCA Gift Certificates are easier to sell, and more profitable than other fund-raiser products!

Using gift certificates similar to currency has revolutionized the way thousands of organizations raise funds! Why use cash when this popular form of currency can buy groceries, clothes, restaurant meals, household goods, entertainment, flowers, or even car repairs, and a percentage of the dollars go to your school or organization?

Close to $1 billion in cash like gift certificates sold in the U.S. last year! Outperformed sales of Girl Scout cookies!

Relieve contributors of constant pitches for money! Give them something they are already going to buy! Sell GCA Gift Certificates 24/7, 365 days a year! Tapped out friends and family welcome this alternative!

  • Higher returns! Enjoy higher returns from significantly greater sales volume! GCA Allows people to contribute by purchasing a gift certificate good for so many products, services, restaurant meals, and entertainment activities they normally buy! Things that they are already going to buy! GCA Gift Certificates can be sold 24/7, 365 days a year!

  • No Cash up front! Your organization makes payment after you've sold gift certificates and have your orders ready!

  • So simple compared to other fundraisers! Very small product for easy handling! Nothing heavy or bulky and no mess! Nothing to break, melt or mold!

  • Delivery on your schedule! Short notice, no problem! Typically can fill orders in 48 hours!

  • No minimum order size! Order any amount, any time!

GCA Gift Certificates make the "Perfect Gift" for any person!
No matter who you are, what your age, or what you like, there's
something great for everyone with this innovative gift certificate!
Purchase GCA Gift Certificates for everyone on your gift list!

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