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Know the Truth about Gift Hams and Turkeys

We all can agree that when someone receives a gift they cannot use or simply do not want, they will usually just smile and say "Thank you". In our search for company decision makers regarding employer offered holiday gifts we speak with so many employees who confirm that they are not comfortable telling their employer that they do not like the ham or turkey gift they received for the holidays. A ham or turkey can make a wonderful gift for some but not for all. We were amazed to find that more than half of company employees we spoke with were unhappy with their ham or turkey gift.

Here is what several employees from area companies had to say:

"People complained because you had to get a turkey. The certificate was only good for a turkey."

"I travel for the holidays to visit family and my turkey is still in the freezer."

"We don't celebrate your holidays and we didn't want a ham."

"I'm single and don't cook! I'd love to have the option to go out to eat, golf, or something else."

"I just didn't want a turkey, anything else would have been better."

Some employees said they didn't like the ham or turkey because they were single and didn't cook. Some were vegetarian or dieting. Lots traveled for the holidays and simply never had the occasion to use the gift. Some didn't celebrate the holidays. And a few just didn't like ham or turkey. Most people we spoke with simply preferred something else if given the choice. So many never even used their gift!

Some company managers say they know this is the case, but the tradition is too long standing and they believe it to be too large of a challenge to change, even if for the better. Are not your employees more important than this?

We strongly believe if company managers knew how employees actually felt about their ham or turkey gift a change would certainly take place. Well now you know! Now you can satisfy that tradition of a ham or turkey holiday gift, while at the same time give all your employees what they want! One gift certificate accepted at so many stores, restaurants, attractions, services, and more; including several choices for that traditional holiday ham or turkey!

Don't Guess What They Want!
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