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  • Best Response from Employees, Clients, Friends and Family
    With GCA Gift Certificates your employees, customers, friends and family get to choose what they want. GCA Gift Certificates are accepted by hundreds of diverse merchants including stores that offer holiday hams and turkeys, food markets, restaurants, retail shops, entertainment and sports venues, attractions, services, and more. With GCA your choices are endless!

  • Every Occasion
    GCA is the perfect offering for holiday gifts including your traditional hams or turkeys, customer appreciation, employee bonuses, service awards, safety recognition, even birthdays and anniversaries. It is the BEST CHOICE for every gift and reward occasion.
  • Largest Industry Discount
    Not only is there no fee per each GCA Gift Certificate but additionally we offer a 4% discount on holiday purchases from October thru December. We also offer a 10% discount for school fund-raising programs and to non-profit organizations. You save up to 20% when compared to VISA, MasterCard and American Express gift cards with their expensive fees and zero discounts.
  • Presentation
    GCA Gift Certificates will truly "wow" your employees and customers with beautiful photography, colorful merchant logos and gold foil signature presented on the front side. The reverse side of the certificate lists all participating merchants including phone numbers making them very easy to navigate and redeem.

  • Bonus–Receive Extra Free Gift Certificates
    As a bonus we offer our corporate clients many extra free gift certificates to area stores and restaurants with volume purchases.

  • Free Shipping

  • Save Big on Service Awards
    Give your employees cash-like buying power with thousands of choices instead of 10 or 15 from traditional award catalogs. Compare GCA Gift Certificates to overpriced merchandise from award catalog companies and your company will realize savings of up to 50% on service award and recognition programs!

  • Order Any Denomination
    You may order GCA Gift Certificates in any denomination you wish from $5 to $100. Larger gift amounts may be ordered in small denominations and used just like cash allowing the user to visit several different stores or combine multiple gift certificates to use at a single participating merchant.
  • Quick and Easy
    Call, email, fax, or order on the web. Repeat customers typically place their orders with a one minute phone call or a quick email. A short and simple purchase order is available for companies that require a formal paper trail.

GCA is simply this: One single gift certificate accepted at hundreds of stores, restaurants, entertainment and sports venues, attractions, services, and more. Employees and customers love to receive GCA because they get to choose where to spend their gift certificate!

With GCA your company receives the largest industry discount offered on something this diverse, plus free delivery, and as an added bonus we offer extra free gift certificates to area restaurants and stores that you can use for party door prizes or whatever your heart desires. Every company loves our product and our service; we have so many references!

Each GCA Gift Certificate features beautiful photography on the front side including a honey-spiced, spiral cut ham, attractions, entertainment activities, and delicious restaurant dishes. Each city's certificate has its own identity presenting local favorites. GCA Gift Certificates have a porcelain-like finish and include gold foil stamping which make for a beautiful presentation! On the reverse side we print a list of all participating merchant names, addresses and phone numbers making each gift certificate very easy to navigate and redeem.

Companies use GCA Gift Certificates for holiday gifts, service awards, safety recognition, bonuses, party prizes, golf scramble and picnic door prizes, and may other purposes. Whether your company tradition is a holiday ham or turkey, Visa or American Express gift card, grocery, department store, or restaurant gift card, logo wear or specialty product, or any other type of gift, GCA will be better received because your employees get to choose what they want while your company saves money. Give fun, give memories, give choices...give Gift Certificates America!

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